Processes automation

Paseosoft solutions

Market need

Businesses use several hundred technologies. IT departments have to manage and maintain them.

Project type “application integration” approaches (ETL – EAI – B2B), or “business process description” (BPM – BPR), impose new technologies without taking existing ones into consideration.

The current tension in the IT market obliges companies to reduce their expenditure. Now they have to optimise what they have already and make it last as long as possible. This approach is part of a new long-term logic that aims at consistency and profitability.

The Paseo response

The Paseo response is IT Consolidation (consolidation of the information system). That consists of responding to functional needs (the business model, for example) using existing technologies, using wrappers.


  • IT Consolidation:an approach based on supplying wrappers which encapsulate the existing technology to raise its consolidated functional level.
  • Wrapper:based on a polymorphic encapsulation technique, the wrapper is a non-intrusive, documented graphical object, dedicated to a technology.

What Paseo provides

In addition, Paseosoft vertical solutions, arranged around the Paseo Builder engine, directly use the capabilities of the wrappers to meet the following functional needs:

  • Provisioningscheduling,
  • Paseo File Transferremote collection / remote distribution,
  • BPM,
  • Business intelligence,
  • Paseo Mail Processautomatic email processing,
  • Paseo Hypervision : infrastructure diagnostics,

Competitive advantages

In each of its fields, Paseosoft provides a solution and unique performance, characterised by fundamental advantages:

  • Non-intrusive:it manages remote computers without installing an agent, which represents a substantial saving in installation time, maintenance and installing updates.
  • User friendly:entirely graphical, Paseo offers a highly accessible interface and allows it to be understood quickly and intuitively.
  • No code:based on wrappers, the processes achieved with Paseo do not require any programming, synonymous with time and costs.
  • Very short time to deployas a result of the above points, the time to deploy is reduced to the minimum.
  • Industrial and scalable: all automation, parallelisation, error capture, recovery after incident and documentation functions are built into wrappers.