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Having a thorough understanding of the business world in the digital sector, we wanted to stand out from our competitors by offering recruitment based on sharing strong human values.

Our technical areas

We have a range of multi-specialists with three main components covering the needs of major companies and meeting our customers’ requirements.

High technology

A wide diversity of engineering sciences is represented within our group.
Scientific and electronic calculations, research and development, embedded software, etc., so many fields where our multi-specialists are ready to assist.

Information systems

Developing turnkey solutions is our core business.
From assistance to writing your specification and the deployment of your final application, we can assist you at each stage of your project, whichever platform you choose (SaaS, web site, mobile application, heavy client, etc.).

Production IT

Maintaining in operational condition, business recovery plan, standardisation, automation and security, setting up procedures, user support, etc. - so many areas in which we can be an effective partner.

MoOngy Digital Lab

In this new digital era, our companies, are transforming business models by turning digital technology into an opportunity since 15 years.

Our flexible model, backed up by our onshore and nearshore capabilities adapts to the needs and scale of each project. From start-ups to household names, we turn ideas into amazing results.

Testing Expertise

With more than 300 test projects carried out for our customers each year, we provide valued skills at all levels: methodology, expertise in the tools used, understanding of technical environments and information system architectures.

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  • “Turnkey” services
  • Appraisals in a Mobileenvironment and Agile
  • Methodology, audits, consultancy on test activities, setting up test units,
  • Service offers andservice catalogue
  • Software qualification and test automation

Our presence

Since ALTERSIS was created at the start of 2008, we have experienced continuous growth in France and internationally

  • 8 Branches
  • 350 Employees
  • €32 M Turnover


Since 2008, our original head office in Aix-en-Provence has been strengthened by four new branches to complete our national coverage.

We’re still looking for new talent; be sure to look at our vacancies.

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Branches 4
Collaborators 250
Contact +33 (0) 4 42 16 01 80

Czech Republic

We’ve been in the Czech Republic since 2011 and the Prague branch is enjoying strong growth. Are you interested in developments in the Web, the mobile sector, etc.? Creating a service centre? Contact us.

Would you like to work in Prague? See our vacancies.


We have been present in Marocco since 2018 and more precisely in Rabat. You are interested in web development, application… or performance testing, contact us!

Would you like to work in Marocco ? See our vacancies.


We have been present in Tunisia since 2018 and more precisely in Sfax. You are interested in web development, application… or performance testing, contact us!

Would you like to work in tunisia ? See our vacancies.


Following the acquisition of Sword Performance in 2018, we set up in Switzerland and more specifically in Basel. Our agency is specialized in performance testing, if you are interested in opportunities in this region, contact us!

Would you like to work in Switzerland ? See our vacancies.

Branchies 1
Collaborators 40


Guy PUECH, Président-Fondateur d’Altersis
I want this company to be focused on strong human values. To achieve that, we select our employees with the greatest care, based values that bring us together, such as respect, team spirit and personal investment.
Guy Puech Chairman of ALTERSIS Group
I've been at Altersis since the beginning and, throughout its life, I've seen the company grow and hold on to the values that convinced me to start the adventure in the first place.
Sacha Goëder Project director
Supporting Altersis staff is a commitment which makes sense and confirms my belief in this other value perfectly - a belief in a business which is human above all else !
Mathieu Castellani Collaborator
The human and technical potential of our employees is identified when they are first recruited and together, we imagine the various possibilities for developing a career.
Noëlie Pfister-Calamote Human ressources

Our values

The special nature of the Altersis Group is based on sharing essential human values, inspired by the Judo moral code: Respect, Pride, Honesty, Cohesion, Commitment. So the value we place on People is at the heart of our growth.


This comes from an open dialogue with employees on the choice of assignments, the geographical area where the business is active and the desired career orientation, with supporting professional training.


This is, above all, transparency in the way we operate, from making contact with applicants through to monitoring our employees, including internal organisation and projects in tune with the life of our company.


Being committed is reflected in the strength of our desire, both in our words and in our actions.


We are proud to provide our employees and job applicants recognised human resources management with a more human face.


Our aim is to develop, preserve and maintain a sense of belonging and team spirit.

Cohesion creates a strong internal dynamic between employees through social events: After-work get-togethers, skiing trips, summer excursions, branch meetings, etc.

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Since its creation, ALTERSIS has seen remarkable growth due to the quality of its services and its employees, its ethics and its values, but also the number of engineers that have wanted to join us. Today, it is still our ambition to carry on growing our human resources by continuing to recruit.