Enthusiasm, dynamism...

HR Policy

Our recruitment policy has always and will always be based on the moral values of the applicants we meet. Team spirit, cohesion and enthusiasm are values that we so much want to promote within the group.

The Happy at Work label values the companies in wich employees are happiest to work. Notes come exclusively from employees via an anonymous survey.

The evaluation is based on 6 criteria : Professional Development, Stimulating Environment, Management, Salary & Recognition, Pride, Pleasure & Fun.

From the beginning of Altersis in 2008, we wanted to distinguish ourselves by offering recruitment based essentially on our human values and making them feel at home with us.

We want our employees to be ambassadors of our corporate culture. The Happy at Work label represents our philosophy. It’s therefore natural that we have chosen this label to highlight the “Happy” face of our employees.

To find out more : https://choosemycompany.com/fr/recrutement/groupe-altersis/avis-des-salaries