Our guiding principle

Our values

Since its creation, ALTERSIS has seen remarkable growth due to the quality of its services and its employees, its ethics and its values, but also the number of engineers that have wanted to join us. Today, it is still our ambition to carry on growing our human resources by continuing to recruit.

Signatory to the diversity charter
Fight against discrimination

The special nature of the ALTERSIS Group is based on sharing basic human values, inspired by the moral code for Judo: Respect, Pride, Honesty, Cohesion, and Commitment.

So the value placed on People is at the heart of our growth.


This comes from an open dialogue with employees on the choice of assignments, the geographical area where the business is active and the desired career orientation, with supporting professional training.

For us, respect also comes from being close and monitoring our employees:

  • Induction programme,
  • Quarterly assignment monitoring interviews,
  • Professional and career interviews.

This monitoring never stops developing; its aim is to give our company a continuous improvement dynamic.


This is, above all, transparency in the way we operate, from making contact with applicants through to monitoring our employees, including internal organisation and projects in tune with the life of our company.


Being committed is reflected in the strength of our desire, both in our words and in our actions.

For example, we are committed to a future where young graduates fill tomorrow’s jobs by:

  • regularly welcoming interns,
  • contacts with schools
  • and participating in the APEC springboard for youth.

Beyond that, we act to fight against discrimination in the workplace: we are signatories to the diversity charter, we take part in forums focusing on a senior audience and more recently we organised a theme day at our offices on male/female equality in the workplace.


Our aim is to develop, preserve and maintain a sense of belonging and team spirit.

Cohesion creates a strong internal dynamic between employees through social events: After-work get-togethers, skiing trips, summer excursions, branch meetings, etc.

Sport, an excellent uniting activity, is an integral part of our activities and our philosophy.


We are proud to provide our employees and job applicants recognised human resources management with a more human face.

We are proud of our employees and the satisfaction that they give customers through their talent and know-how.

JO Paris 2024

Our Group has always been committed to sportsmen and women from all walks of life, so implicitly the choice was made to sponsor 6 young top athletes for the 2024 Olympics: Discover our youg top athletes

We are proud of our employees and the satisfaction that they give customers through their talent and know-how.