Basel has a Performance culture, not only in Art and Football but also in IT and Digital Platforms. Basel is located at the heart of Europe, and the Swiss city on the Rhine attracts people with its wealth of cultural, relaxing and indulgent experiences, whether at one of the many museums, global exhibitions and trade shows or regional cultural events.

The city of Basel lies in the north-western corner of Switzerland and shares borders with France and Germany in a tri-national region well connected internationally by trains and the EuroAirport.

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The Basel branch is currently the headquarters of ALTERSIS Performance, a subsidiary of the ALTERSIS Group. ALTERSIS Performance is the leading IT Performance Consulting company in EMEA created out of Scopteam (founded 2001), Valid’IT (founded 2006) and Sword Performance Solutions (founded in 2002 as adhoc International in Basel). All of our consultants are IT Performance Specialists and we have conducted more than 2000 projects for over 200 customers in the area of Performance Engineering, New Generation Monitoring, Application Performance Management, Performance Audit & Optimization.

While we are continuously expanding geographically, new employees have the opportunity to work in a team of specialized IT Performance experts that has built un unmatched expertise and methodologies in the field of Performance Engineering and Application Performance Management (APM). New hires will join an insightful introduction program including training in our own, proven Performance Engineering and APM methodologies as well as certifications in the leading APM and Performance Testing technologies (e.g. AppDynamics, Dynatrace, NeoLoad, etc.).

While then working at large, international clients we promote and ensure the knowledge sharing of our experts by regularly gathering our consultants and engineers in Basel. Furthermore, we offer distinguished career development plans for both engineering (technical) and consulting paths for all our team members.


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Altersis Performance AG

Schützengraben 7

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Tel :+41 61 723 01 88

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