Altersis, a digital company where its great to work!

Specialist in digital services since 2008, the Altersis group supports clients in their digital transformation, optimizing and making their information systems, software and other applications more efficient and reliable. Its human resources needs are great and the VTE ( Volunteer Work Experience) contract, initiated by the French government and Bpifrance, has enabled it to expand to 350 employees.

Altersis was created in 2008, founded by Guy Puech, a judo champion who puts all the values of the sport into his management: performance, teamwork, surpassing oneself and respect for others. A leader in its field, it offers a large panel of solutions to clients, starting with the development from scratch or the updating of information systems, providing follow-up, advice and maintenance over the long term.

It works at all levels, from creation to support, including training of teams to new tools. It also operates in the creation of websites and mobile applications, ensures the control of pre-existing software, networks and systems and has a real expertise in performance testing to analyze and validate the qualities of its customers’ products. “Whether it is a site, software or application, and each time the company wants to upgrade to a new version, a battery of tests is carried out to check that the product meets the requirements set out in the specifications,” says Guy Puech.

Among its hundred or so active customers, the company, which has 350 employees – mainly technicians and engineers – has major clients such as Air France, Carrefour, Alstom, Schneider, Canal +, LVMH, Veolia, CDiscount, Gemalto, etc. It has also forged close partnerships with leading software publishers. Its skills in computer engineering take it into every field and in many countries, thanks to a dynamic external growth policy. The Aix-en-Provence-based group, which also has offices in Paris, Montpellier and Sophia-Antipolis, has bought out eight competitors in the last ten years and has opened several agencies abroad, in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Morocco and Tunisia. The group, which is a member of the Bpifrance Excellence network, now operates in six countries through ten offices and plans to set up operations in Germany, Luxembourg and Austria.

The importance of human values has been said at Altersis, directly inspired by the moral code of judo. The company awarded the Happy At Work label notably measures the index of professional equality between women and men every year. Human resources are influenced by this philosophy and the recruitment of young people is at the heart of its policy. Altersis regularly welcomes trainees, intervenes in schools, and has just recruited four graduates under the VTE ( Volunteer for Work Experience), program launched by the French government and Bpifrance, in partnership with leading schools throughout the country, to boost regional employment by matching supply and demand.

« Recruitment is under pressure in the digital sector, where competition is intense and our needs are immense. We hired 155 people last year, 200 new hires are planned this year, and the VTE set up by Bpifrance gives us access to competent candidates with varied profiles that match our requirements and our activities. In this case, the four young people recruited under this status have been assigned to human resources, technical, sales and consulting. This win-win contract, which takes the form of a charter setting out the duties and rights of each party, is perfectly in line with our values through the reciprocity it transmits. »

Press article – Les Echos

Published on April 6, 2020