Happy at Work 2018

Throwback at the survey we conducted last September for the “Happy at Work” label, which rewards companies where employees thrive and feel happy in what they do.

Why ? 

« Since the creation of ALTERSIS in 2008, we have regularly measured the satisfaction of our consultants as part of a continuous improvement process. It’s therefore particularly important to us that our employees ar happy in their daily work. Thus, for the 2nd conseutive year, we are happy and proud to be labelled “Happy at Work”. This historyof our Group is a true human adventure and I am proud to see that we have kept this spirit of departure and these values that are so dear to me. » Guy PUECH – CEO of Altersis

What is it ?

The award of the Happy at Work label depends essentially on the score a company obtains after evaluating the impressions left by its employees. A questionnaire containing both open and closed questions is available to the company’s employees. The survey is entirely digital, and is conducted anonymously.

Wich results ?

Discover the precise results of the survey in this video ?